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Terri FosterJuly 26, 2021

IT happens only 3 times a year, buy an oil get an oil (BOGO) week! Why am I so excited? Because it is a week of massive savings. You literally Buy an Oil, Get an Oil FREE! It is the best time of the year to build your oil supply at half the cost.

Download a Handbook with uses, recipes and tips for all 12 essential oils offered this week.

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How does BOGO week work?

Daily specials are announced at Midnight Mountain Time and only available for 24 hours or until supplies last. Some oils are known to sell out.

Current Customers

Current doTERRA customers can log in and add up to the daily limit in your cart.

You can use the standard shopping cart or loyalty rewards cart.

Use loyalty rewards shopping cart to save even more. Get back your shipping and a percentage of your order in points (doTERRA dollars).

If you are using your loyalty rewards cart you will have to add a regular item such as a toothpaste or hand spray before processing your cart (except with the BOGO box).

Purchase the BOGO Box to save even more.

  • Pay shipping once and get the entire week’s oils
  • A bonus oil is in the BOGO box!
  • No need to add additional items in your loyalty rewards cart when purchasing the BOGO box.
  • Have a friend interested in the BOGO box? Reach out to me. You can earn referral commissions.
  • Next month you will get back in points (doTERRA dollars) your shipping costs + a percentage of your order.

New Customers

BOGO week is a great time to get started with a wholesale account.

Why? Because of the massive savings!

  • 12 oils for the price of 5 (at wholesale cost!)
  • $35 Wholesale account fee waived! (works just like a Costco card. Pay once and get 25% off discount pricing all year).
  • Receive wholesale pricing at 25% off for the next year (no autoship or purchase requirements)
  • Get 50 doTERRA dollars back next month to spend as you wish.
  • FREE essential oil education every month in a private online community
  • FREE welcome kit to help you get started using your oils

Text (661) 235-0707 for a personalized purchase link.


Recently, doTERRA introduced the BOGO box. I love it! They announce what oils are the “buy” oils for the week and give us a price. We can purchase the entire week’s BOGO’s in one order, pay shipping once and not have to worry the rest of the week. There is a catch! We don’t find out what the FREE oils are until they are announced daily. So, if you like surprises this is super fun.

If you don’t like surprises it is a bit of a gamble. But, hey! We only live once and all of the years I have been purchasing BOGO’s I have never been disappointed. It’s fun when there is a new oil I have never tried in the box too.

Here is how the week went.

On Monday we could purchase the BOGO box.

  1. The 5 buy oils were Deep Blue, AromaTouch, Adaptiv Touch, Immortelle and Purify.
  2. Announcements would be made daily over 5 days Tues – Saturday. Remember Monday is reserved for BOGO box purchasing.
  3. We got a bonus oil, Tea Tree if we bought the box.
  4. There were 12 oils total in the box. So that meant one of the days we would be getting an additional bonus oil (buy 1 oil get 2 free).
  5. The cost was $170 for all 12 essential oils and the total value was $400.

Would you take the risk? If you didn’t you were wishing you did. Cause doTERRA did not disappoint!

Anticipation . . .

Monday at 12:01 am Mountain Time we could log in and purchase the BOGO Box.

Tuesday at 12:01 am MST we learn what the bogo is for that day only. It was buy Deep Blue essential oil blend and get Cypress and Lemongrass free. These oils for all things minor discomfort and temporary sore muscles.

Wednesday was buy Adaptiv touch and get Kumquat free. Calming and mood lifting oils. We can’t purchase Kumquat so this is an especially exciting bogo day.

Thursday was buy Immortelle facial serum and get Frankincense touch free. Seriously! Immortelle costs $69 wholesale and every lady wants this roller blend. And you know what they say, when in doubt, Frank it out. Frankincense for everything but especially skin.

Friday was buy Purify and get Clementine free. Another limited supply essential oil, Clementine, that we cannot purchase normally either. Woohoo! Purify is a daily use for all things stinky like my beautiful Shepherd Lab. He is cute but stinky!

Saturday was buy Aromatouch blend and get Fennel free. I learned some fascinating facts about Fennel in this article called 10 Science-based facts about Fennel and Fennel Seeds. Aromatouch is the massage blend wonderful to massage in to any sore areas.

The BOGO box contents:

  1. Deep Blue® 5 mL – for occasional muscle discomfort, leg cramps, head and neck tension, sore joints. Rub it in where it hurts.
  2. Cypress 15 mL – to aid circulation rub into the calf.
  3. Lemongrass 15 mL – Naturally repels insects. Use along with Deep Blue for occasional muscle discomfort.
  4. AromaTouch® 15 mL – Use by itself or along with Deep Blue for minor discomfort, sore muscles, head and neck tension, leg cramps, etc…. rub it in where it hurts.
  5. Fennel 15 mL – Use for digestive issues by rubbing onto the abdomen along with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil.
  6. Adaptiv® Touch 10 mL – Roll on wrists to help improve your mood and relieve stress and anxious feelings. Reapply throughout the day as needed.
  7. Kumquat 5 mL – A citrus oil known for its uplifting scent and cleansing properties.
  8. Immortelle 10 mL – Anti-aging blend of pure essential oils for an all natural glow. Apply daily under your moisturizer.
  9. Frankincense Touch 10 mL – Already diluted with fractionated coconut oil. Just roll and go
  10. Purify 15 mL – Use on anything stinky or to freshen the air. Apply to bug bites to relieve irritation.
  11. Clementine 15 mL – Citrus oils help improve mood and tastes great in sparkling water (or moscato wine)
  12. Tea Tree 15 mL (Bonus oil in the BOGO Box only) – Use it on skin for minor scrapes and cuts. Add to shampoo for flaky scalp.

As you can see Buy an Oil Get an Oil Week does not disappoint.

If you participated in this week’s bogo’s I hope you found the handbook useful. Let me know if you have any questions. You can text me at (661) 235-0707 or send me an email at terri@iambionicwoman.com.

Do you like text reminders?

Be the first to know! During BOGO week you can get a text reminder from me each morning letting you know what the special is, its uses and some recipes. Even though BOGO week just ended you can still get on the list for next time.

Text “bogo” to my business cell phone (661) 235-0707 to get on the list

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