Current Specials

These are Limited Time offers and only available while supplies last.

Current doTERRA customers: Log in to your account to order as either a standard order or Loyalty Rewards order

  • Maximize savings by using the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).
  • Limited products cannot be saved to Loyalty Rewards cart. You must process now.
  • Earn back shipping cost in points + a percentage of your order with a 50pv (points value) minimum.

New doTERRA customers: Visit my.doterra.com/terrifoster and choose “shop” and “special offers” to add items to your cart.

  • You are able to add a wholesale membership for $35 which gives you 25% off all purchases for an entire year.
  • Wholesale accounts work just like a Costco membership or Amazon Prime. There is no auto-ship or further commitment to purchase with a wholesale account.

doTERRA Holiday Items

Most are available Nov. 1st unless noted otherwise.

Purchase at my.doterra.com/terrifoster or text me at 661.235.0707 for assistance.

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