Have you had a doTERRA Essential Oil Experience

Terri FosterSeptember 25, 2020

Have you had an essential oil experience? I can tell you all the ways to use them and what issues you can address. But! when you smell them the experience is so much better. Scroll down to request a free essential oil sample.

Why do we send free samples? doTERRA essential oils are different from other oils on the market. They are the most tested and trusted because of the purity standard they uphold. If you have experienced Lavender in a grocery store aisle then you will definitely notice the difference! If you are not already a doTERRA customer I would love to send you a sample.

Essential Oil Experience – Sample choices:

  • Sleep – Put Serenity restful blend on the bottom of your feet, back of your neck and wrists at bedtime.
  • Energy – Use Peppermint and Wild Orange in the palm of your hands, cup them around your mouth and inhale for 30 seconds. Then rub the back of your neck while taking in deep breaths.
  • Minor Discomfort – Rub Deep Blue Soothing blend into sore areas
  • Stress – Put Balance grounding blend on the bottom of your feet morning and night and use Adaptive calming blend on your wrists and back of neck throughout the day as needed.
  • Respiratory – Inhale Breathe respiratory blend from the palms of your hands, cupped around your mouth and rub into your chest morning and night. Can be used as needed throughout the day.
  • Digestion – Rub Digestzen digestive blend on your abdomen. Repeat as needed throughout the day.

The sampling process

  1. Fill out this form.
  2. I will text or email you to make sure I am sending you the appropriate sample for your needs.
  3. When you receive the sample it will come with instructions on how to use the product.
  4. I will check back in with you and see how your oil experience went.

I want to manage your expectations of your essential oil experience.

What typically works for one person may not work best for you. If your sample does not help you achieve the desired result, please let me know and we will try something else. We don’t always get it right on the first try. But if you are willing to be patient, I am willing to keep trying!

I am not a medical professional and my advice regarding essential oils should not replace medical advice. If you have any concerns please speak to a medical professional.

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