Essential Oil Study

For one week you will have the opportunity to experience doTERRA essential oils for a specific health concern along with some great education and some fun surprises. There is no charge to participate. We ask you to agree to use the products for 5 days and provide feedback on your experience.

Essential oil studies are currently running once a month and last for one week.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Adults 18 and over living in the United States interested in natural solutions. If you live in another country you can join but will need to give extra time for shipping the products needed.
  • Adults not already working with another doTERRA Wellness Advocate (unless you were referred to this page by your Wellness Advocate).
  • If are already working with another doTERRA Wellness Advocate, please reach out to them first. They may have another program they provide for you to participate in.

Upcoming Study Dates for 2022

  • August 15 – 19
  • September 19 – 23
  • October 10 – 14

Study Choices

For 5 days you will use essential oil products specific to one of the following health concerns.

  • Mild Discomfort
  • Digestion
  • Sleep
  • Stress/Anxious feelings

What to Expect

This study will officially run Monday to Friday with a few lead up tasks the weekend before we start. The samples are provided at no cost to you and we have some great giveaways for participants.

Each day will only take a few minutes of your time. To be sure we are getting accurate study results and to help you get the most out of this week, we ask for your commitment to the entirety of the study.

  1. Watch the pre-launch video
  2. Submit the pre-study survey
  3. Use the samples daily for 5 days (Mon-Fri) as instructed
  4. Complete the post-study survey on Friday
  5. Watch the wrap-up video of the group’s study results

Have a friend that wants to participate with you?

Send them to this page and have them fill out the Essential Oil Study interest form

This study is for educational purposes only and not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have any concerns, I encourage you to speak to your doctor.

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