How to get started on your Essential Oil Journey

Terri FosterJune 28, 2020
There is an oil for that

Are you ready to start your own personal essential oil journey but don’t know where to start? The good news is you have choices and I am here to support you. I will show you how to use essential oils and answer all of your questions.

There are 3 Ways to Purchase doTERRA Essential Oils

The first way to purchase is retail.

This is the most expensive way and typically done in a professional setting such as a chiropractor’s office. To purchase retail follow the link to my doTERRA website my.doterra.com/terrifoster and click the “shop” tab. Add the product to your cart and click checkout. Orders ship directly to your home.

The second way to purchase is with a wholesale customer account.

This is similar to a Costco Membership card. It costs $35 for a wholesale customer account. You will enjoy 25% off all purchases for an entire year with no auto-ship or purchase requirements. Follow the link my.doterra.com/terrifoster and click “become a member.” Add products to your cart and click checkout. Follow the prompts and set a password. Orders ship directly to your home. Don’t forget to write down your unique ID and password.

The third way to purchase is below wholesale.

DoTERRA has kits with our most popular essential oils bundled together. These include essential oils you will be glad you have in your home when a situation arises. Each bundle is discounted and the $35 wholesale fee is waived to offer you the most savings! The Healthy Start Kit is how I got started 5 years ago and I quickly learned how valuable it is to have essential oils in my home when I needed them. I think you will too!

If you are ready to get started with a kit follow this link my.doterra.com/terrifoster and choose “become a member.” Choose a starter kit and follow the prompts and questions. Don’t forget to write down your unique Account ID and password! Orders ship directly to your home.

Below is an overview of the most popular kits available in the United States. If you are out of the United States contact me. DoTERRA has offices all over the world and I will send you options available in your country.

I can’t wait to connect with you and help you with your new purchase! Email me at terri@iambionicwoman.com with any questions.

doterra essential oil kits


I am here to help! Reach out with any questions or concerns to terri@iambionicwoman.com

Wishing you wellness!

Terri Kearin Foster

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